Clear Mind + Fit Body + Calm Energy

OPTIMUS is our monthly membership training program specifically designed for those of you looking to make BIG changes and take your training to the next level, whatever that means for you. We are most focused on your personal path of self-discovery and meeting the goals that you hold highest for yourself. Our training is what you make it. We guarantee that what you put in you will get back. We use data-driven science and gentle, caring support to guide you and show you how to REGENERATE YOUR HEALTH. Let's do our best, better.


Let's re-define our understanding of health

This is for health enthusiasts (of all ages, skill levels, body types and hairstyles) looking to change personal habits and manage stress with the help of modern tech and ancient yoga science.

We listen to your needs and do our best to create a space for you to undergo necessary changes. We believe your success reflects our dedication to giving you an outstanding place to experience personal transformation.


What you get with our monthly membership:

+ A simple, step-by-step program made for your specific needs

+ An online program for you to participate when and where your schedule allows

+ Check-ins, exercises, skill building, and accountability

+ A practical habit-building program based on leading scientific data

+ Expert guidance and relevant knowledge from the world-class Blisskick Alliance

+ Private Live Support and Community Chat Room for all Optimus Members

+ Lifetime access to our Health Guru Online Course

+ BONUS eBook "How to Eat Well and Love Yourself" with 50+ Vegetarian & Paleo Recipes



About Blisskick Trainers

A Blisskick Trainer is part yogi, nutritionist, scientist, and personal trainer all rolled into one. Most of all, BK Trainers are here to make sure that you succeed.

Peter Fettis, creator of Blisskick, is not only a triathlete, science researcher, and health author. He's a devoted friend and steward of nature, community, and family. He knows the challenge of meeting life's demands while staying in outstanding shape and eating well.


What you learn:

+ How to create space to thrive and be happy, healthy, and successful

+ How to make tasty, high-performance meals and take care of yourself daily

+ How to exercise your mind-body connection and the art of rest and recovery

+ How to face our problems head-on and embrace all of our feelings with true love

+ How to challenge yourself and take small steps to creating lifelong habits

+ How to see we are part of one great solution and become a leader in your community

+ How to learn about YOU


What we need from you:

+ We need you to pay attention to your body and thoughts, to give our guidance a go, and to work with exploring the edge of your comfort zone.

+ We don't promise any fast results, only worthwhile change produced by awareness your habits. Mistakes happen, so just keep on learning. We are here to support you, so reach out as soon as you have a question.

+ We ask that you commit to taking care of yourself and making today the best day that you can. Make time every day to focus on the life-supporting habits you need most. It's a journey, so be prepared and know that you get help when you help yourself.


Who this is for:

You're between the age of 18 and 75

You're working and need a time-sensitive program

You have some weight to lose

You want to be lean, strong, and relaxed

You're ready work through injuries and recover from them


How to get started:

Are you ready to make the necessary changes in your life? Great!

Enroll by clicking the button below and follow the instructions to get started.