Free Gene Reports

@FoundMyFitness (Dr. Rhonda Patrick)

Nutrigenomics (definition):

Nutritional genomics is the study of the effects of foods and food constituents on gene expression. By determining the mechanism of the effects of nutrients or the effects of a nutritional regime, nutrigenomics tries to define the causality or relationship between these specific nutrients and specific nutrient regimes (diets) on human health.

About Genetic Reports

Genetic Reports use your raw data from genetic testing sites such as 23andMe to offer a more comprehensive look at your own DNA to give you a personalized approach to health and nutrition. Learn how your body uses nutritional components like B vitamins, Omega-3 fats and discover your genetic weaknesses so that you can take actionable steps to manage your genes for the long-run.

Pre-Requisite: Get Your Gene Test Through 23andMe

This particular Free Gene Report from Dr. Patrick is donation-based. Like all genetic reports, Dr. Patrick's Free Gene Report requires you to previously have your genome sequenced (this part is not free) by signing up for a one-time home delivery testing service like ($99).