Your Body = The Living Lab

Learn Health Science at Home: Record, Reflect, Results.




How It Works


Use Key Habits (Experiments + Journaling) to Unlock Your Intuition


Practices: You want homework, you got it!

Tools: Software and Hardware

Books: Plus Podcasts, Documentaries and Courses

Networks: We are social creatures after all.





(You Give) What You Get


A Rare Approach to Health Training Merging Data Science and Yoga


Optimized Wellness: Nutritional Biochemistry and DNA Decoding

Imagination Exercises: Let Go and Reach Peak Performance

Laser-Focus: Flow State for Creativity and Productivity

Mindfulness: Intuitive Awareness for Physical and Emotional Well-Being

Self-Discovery: Insight into Who You Are and What You Want






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Health Blueprints





We need your feedback.


WellCodes is an open-source collaborative project that requires your input to survive. We thrive on love, organic adaptogenic herbs, and your friendship. We need to know what you want, from the small things (how to make this user-friendly) to the big things (your vision for a better world). Send your soul-stirring questions, heart-wrenching criticisms and genuine enthusiasm to hello@wellcodes.com (we enjoy videos). We look forward to learning from you.


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